14" x 36"

X-Ray View Box -SUPER THIN  View Box /Full Spine 14 x 36

X-Ray View Box -SUPER THIN View Box /Full Spine 14 x 36

Xray View Box- Flat Screen Technology

14 x 36 Full Spine

Viewbox Unit

Lumimed LD Series

The Brilliant Multipurpose Radiographic View Box, equipped with LCD Back Light Technology

and EEFL Technology provide fine tuned accuracy the body deserves.

EEFL Lighting System

16 EEFL (External Electrode Fluorescent Lamp) in each bank generate

magnificent luminance of 5,000cs/m2 and more than 90% of light



EEFL provides flicker free display, which guarantees not only higher

luminance than normal Fluorescent Lamp but also reduce the level of

eye fatigue tremendously

The backlight technology used by LD series is directly lighting

process applied EEFL lamp. Densely placed lamps provide more

than 90% uniformity.

Includes Optional Sensitive Dimmer

The dimmer on Lumimed LD Series allow users to turn off or control

luminance of each bank for different purpose of X-Ray Film diagnosis

The push on-off power switch has dimming function, by rotating

its handle. Its adjustable dimming range is approx. 1,500~

5,000cd (nits). So, it is possible to control the brightness

accurately in accordance with the film situation.

Also Includes Stand

Price: $2,900.00
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Manufactured by Access Equipment Corp.

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