Wireless Computer Interface

Wireless Computer Interface

Wireless Computer Interface
Optional infrared wireless computer interface eases data transfer from inclinometer to a computer. Example Microsoft Word® and Excel® based templates are provided to demonstrate getting started with a computer-based documentation and presentation system. Requires USB (Universal Serial Bus) port; example templates require Microsoft Excel®.

Example: Data Entry and Documentation
Digitally captured data may be viewed on a standard inclinometer and supports documentation suggested by the AMA Guides.

Cervical Range of Motion

Multiple repeated readings are stored in memory to aid the validity of the data set as per the AMA Guides*. Three of six measurements should lie within 5 degrees or 10% of the mean reading. With the Acumar Digital Inclinometer's memory, single or dual inclinometers may be used to capture Occipital ROM and T1 ROM (see above). It supports procedures described in the guidelines. Captured data may be tramsmitted via the optional wireless intelligent interface unit for data storage and graphing (see below).

X-Ray Film Reading

Place the X Ray film on the wall mounted light box.

Place the ruler in line of reference position and then press ZERO to initialize reference angle to zero.

Then move the ruler to the second angle to be read and press HOLD.

The difference angle will be stored and can be viewed by pressing VIEW.

Disclaimers: This example is not medical advice, but only for illustrating the intended use of the ruler.

Male Kyphosis Versus Age Female Kyphosis Angle Versus Age
Age 10+ 20+ 30+ 40+ 50+ 60+ Age 10+ 20+ 30+ 40+ 50+ 60+


42 47 49 50 51 52 Max 41 40 42 50 53 54
Min 8 11 13 17 22 25 Min 10 12 15 18 22 34
Norm 25 26 29 31 33 35 Norm 26 27 28 33 41 45

Extremity Range of Motion Measurements

Place arm on a flat surface such as table. Wrist at the neutral position place inclinometer on top side of the wrist , then press ZERO to mark starting reference position.
Ask individual to extend wrist maximally then press HOLD to record reading.
Likewise, Flex of the wrist may be measured .
(Inclinometer adjustable legs may be removed)
Upper Extremity Arm
Ruler attachment may be used to assist measurements of Upper or lower extremity.
The ruler may be placed on the side of moving part of joints.
Lower Extremity
Place inclinometer upper portion of the leg ( or side of leg if the ruler attachment is used) At the neutral position press ZERO.
Straight leg raised position press HOLD to store the angle.
This measurements may be used for a validity check for extension/flexion of the lumber spine.

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