Protec OPTIMAX X-Ray Film Processor

ECOMAX X-Ray Film Processor

Protec OPTIMAX X-Ray Film Processor-220V

OPTIMAX X-Ray Film Processor-220V

The OPTIMAX X-ray processors is a 90 second heated processor with tanks, automatic Run/Standby modes, automatic replenishment, and front panel adjustable heat control. Private practices in the USA and Canada have been enjoying the quality of OPTIMAX X-ray processors since 2000. From 2000 through 2006, the OPTIMAX X-ray processors was sold successfully in the USA and Canada as the Summit QCP.

For a closer, detailed look at the OPTIMAX, please click HERE.

For OPTIMAX X-ray processors literature with complete specifications, please click HERE.

For an OPTIMAX X-ray processors operating manual, please click HERE.

The OPTIMAX X-ray processors can be shipped via UPS Ground or If shipping with Optional stand with an Optimax x-ray processor , this stand can be loaded on top of the processor and both shipped via truck.

Optional Stand :

The KB92E23-P has a Optional 24" X 36" tabletop to accept the Protec OPTIMAX x-ray film processors, and just about any other brand and model at an economical price.

Shipping size is 24" X 37" X 5" with a weight of 47 lbs.

X-ray processors , X-ray film processors , Optimax X-ray processors

Price: $4,795.00
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Manufactured by FI Xray Equipment

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