Manual Hand Drops

Lloyd Chiropractic Table  401 Drop Bench

Lloyd Chiropractic Table 401 Drop Bench- Full Drp

Lloyd Drop Bench Hand DropStandard Features Include:

    Standard Features:
  • Adjustable Width Tilting Headpiece
  • Total Drop System Includes Forward Motion Drop Head w/Built-In Paper, Hand Cocking Chest and Pelvic/Lumbar Drops
  • Adjustable Ankle Rest(Horizontal)
  • Chest Drop, Hand Cocking
  • Adjustable Height Legs

Factory Table Specifications:

401 DB - Drop Bench
Height Range18" to 27"
Fully Extended70" long
Table Width22" long
Shipping Weight80 lbs. (approx)
Actual Weight100 lbs. (approx)

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Price: $2,795.00
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Manufactured by Lloyd Chiropractic Tables Astro

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