Jeanie Rub -Master Massager Variable Speed

Jeanie Rub -Master Massager Variable Speed

Jeanie Rub Massager
Handheld Massager - Morfam Jeanie Rub Massager - Variable Speed Model

***Now with 13 foot power supply cord and detailed owners manual.

The versatile Jeanie Rub Massager - Variable Seed Hand Held Model is the ultimate in therapeutic massage. A rotary dial rheostat switch provides a choice of speeds ranging from a soothing 1400 rpm to invigorating 4600 rpm.

The Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Massager with Accessory Posts comes with accessory posts and havy duty reinforced steel plates to accommodate the multiple use accessory kit.

The Jeanie Rub massager is available with optional pad and carrying case. The optional faux sheepskin pad cover is designed to help the Jeanie Rub™ glide over the body with a soft touch. The case is perfect for when you want to take your Jeanie Rub massager with you, whether on vacation or a stressful business trip.

The Massager Foot Rest is the perfect base to securely hold your Jeanie Rub™ while providing a relaxing foot massage!

Jeanie Rub hand held massagers provide soothing, oscillating massage that safely relaxes tight muscles and stimulates circulation on all body types and sizes. There's no pounding or jabbing of rotating "fingers" as seen on other brands.

Jeanie Rub Morfam hand held massagers are individually tested and feature die-cast aluminum castings in powder coated designer colors. All units are manufactured with American made parts and hand assembled in the U.S. The JEANIE RUB™ is available in two models, both are ideal for home or professional use.

Variable Speed Massager
The ULTIMATE in versatility, the Jeanie Rub variable-speed delivers a custom massage between 1400-4600 rpm. Easily adjustable switch lets you be in control. The variable-speed comes with or without accessory posts.

If you are mainly interested in general massage and want a range of speeds to slow down for more sensitive locations or really crank it up on heavier muscle tissue, then you will want the basic variable-speed (#3401).

Price: $159.00
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Manufactured by Access Equipment Corp.

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