Inversion Table-F 5000 by Teeter

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Inversion Table-F 5000 by Teeter

Inversion Table-F 5000 by Teeter

  • Teeter Hang Ups outperforms competition in product quality tests
    During an independent engineering study of the 7 most widely distributed inversion tables, the F5000 outperformed competitors in structural integrity and durability.

  • UL Classified 2601-1
    For Medical Equipment in a Clinical Setting; requires a 400% safety factor. There are no government regulations to control the structural integrity and product quality of inversion products. Make sure that your inversion option can quantify their claim of safe equipment by providing certificates or classifications to demonstrate successful voluntary testing to effective standards, like UL 2601-1.

  • 5 Year Warranty
    Covers all components

  • Value-added materials
    Includes Instructional DVD and laminated Owner’s Manual

  • Auto-locking hinges
    Secure bed to A-frame for improved security and portability

  • Adjustable Roller Hinges with Cam Locks
    Added stability and choice of three rates of rotation

  • Specialized, low-friction pivot bearings
    For a lifetime of smooth, squeak-free rotation

  • Heat treated, high quality carbon steel
    Added strength in key structural components

  • De-rattler knob
    Reduces shifting for smooth, quiet rotation – the only style on the market to structurally engage the main shaft

  • Injection-coated rubber hand grips
    Added durability

  • Triple-plated chrome main shaft
    Embossed height markers in both in. and cm. allow easy adjustment for users from 4’8” to 6’6”

  • Removable nylon mat
    Adjustable and washable

  • Adjustable tether strap
    Allows user to pre-set angle before inverting

  • High quality finishes
    Scratch-resistant powder coating and triple-plated chrome

  • Curved front ankle clamps
    Greater comfort and security

  • Optional Accessories
    The only inversion table on the market that can be modified with accessories:

    Gravity Boots. Provide maximum comfort and support for the ankles. Order the Adapter Kit, which comes complete with Gravity Boots and CV Bar for converting the inversion table.

    Over EZ Training Handles. Larger support handles for worry-free inversion.

    EZ Angle Tether Strap. Offers preset angles at 20, 40 and 60 degrees.

    EZ Stretch Traction Handles . Provide added benefit to inverted stretching and decompression, as well as an effective tool for oscillation.

    Corner Feet. Help to prevent sliding and protect floors.

  • Full inversion option
    Can be adjusted to lock fully inverted for exercise

  • Easily folds for storage
    Storage dimensions: 28" W x 16" L x 66" H

  • Quick and easy assembly
    85% pre-assembled with less than ¼ the average number of parts of other inversion tables; includes tools for assembly

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • F 5000 Inversion Table by Teeter

    Price: $299.00
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    Manufactured by Teeter

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