Hope MicroMax film processor HXP90

Hope MicroMax film processor HXP90

Hope MicroMax film processor HXP90
The affordabe and dependable Hope MicroMax automatic film processor/
"The Hope MicroMax gives you more features for less money.
Large LCD display of functions, automatic standby with energy saving mode, and
our exclusive 1 year warranty with a 2 Year Optional Warranty.
Very easy to install and maintain all you need is a cold water hookup, drain, and a wall
plug Dimensions: 38.25"L x 22.25"W x 25.25"H
Capacity: 68- 10" x 12" and 45- 14" x 17" films per hour
Standard Features: Chemistry tanks, light tight feed tray, stand
Options: Short feed tray decreasing length by 5 1/2"

Price: $3,395.00
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Manufactured by Hope

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