Multi Use Electrodes 2

Electrodes- ChiroCity K220R Electrodes-2

Electrodes- ChiroCity K220R Electrodes-2" round


by ChiroCity
Model K220R

2" round
Our Best Value Electrodes!
W/MultiStick® Adhesive Gel.
All Sizes, Tan Cloth Baindaid Type Backing Electrode
Multi Use
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For best therapy results, it is recommended that your electrodes are replaced after the conductive gel starts to wear down. This occurs after 10-15 uses per pad, depending on the length of the use. Electroddes life-span and effectiveness can be enhanced by rubbing a small drop of water on the pad after use. Always keep your pads in the air tight package directly after use.

Our electrode pads are the most comfortable, effective, and longest-lasting out there. And our Discounted Electrodes are a great value. The more you buy ,the more you save.We give you these top-quality products at an unbeatable price.

  • Low profile design with tan band-aid type backing gives this electrode"strength ability" and memory over repeated use.
  • The carbon/silverelectrode film provides uniform current distribution and lower impedance levels for more comfortable stimulation.
  • An innovative polymer assures improved adhesion and durability for longer lasting life electrode.
  • Please feel free to use our Electrode Placement chart for reference.Electrode Placements are to be confirmed
    by your Doctor or Therapist.

Price: $7.95
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Manufactured by Access Equipment Corp.

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