Diathermy - Mettler Auto*Therm 395

Diathermy - Mettler Auto*Therm 395

Diathermy - Mettler Auto*Therm 39 Dual Head & stand

Diathermy - Mettler Auto Therm 395

Auto Therm 395 Shortwave Diathermy
One System Unlimited Treatment Options
Introducing the advanced, automatic-tuning, shortwave diathermy that puts you in a position to do all the diathermy treatments that you have always wanted to do. The full-featured Auto Therm 395 continuous and pulsed system provides maximum versatility.
No less than eight treatment applicators provide a choice of inductive drum technology, spaced condensers and soft, flexible electrode pads that confrom to the body. Add to this the industry's best-in-class multi-jointed arms that lock for ease of use and safety, and you have a highly sophisticated system for almost any shortwave diathermy application. In the Auto Therm 395 Shortwave Diathermy, versatility translates directly into value.

Continuous and pulsed shortwave diathermy
Automatic tuning
High-performance multi-jointed arms
Wide range of treatment applicators
Easy-to-use controls and readouts
Treatment timer with automatic shutoff
Patient safety shut-off-control
Safety circuitry
Capacitive Plate, Applicators,Inductive drum and Two arms

Price: $8,599.00
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Manufactured by Mettler Stim Units

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