Adjusting Table with Auto Flexion - 5 Drops

auto flexion table

Adjusting Table - Flexion AFLX 700 - AUTO Flexion

Adjusting Table

Auto Flexion with 5 Drops Lateral Bending on the rear.

Breakaway chest /Variable speed and Elevation Base

F & B Chiropractic, Inc.

Adjusting Table -Flexion Model no. AFLX-700

This adjusting table by F & B Chiropractic, Inc. will make your patients more comfortable.With the adjusting height feature that will help eliminate back strain and fatigue for practitioner allowing you to properly position your patients for a variety of table techniques. Some of the adjusting table features include lumbar and thoracic drops with hand cocking adjusting drops. This adjusting table has elevating ankle rest, a multifunctional headpiece including tilt, elevation, toggle drop and forward drop. Also quiet foot controlled electromechanical actuator with horizontal and vertical movement on this adjusting table .

Price: $5,495.00
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Manufactured by F & B Chiropractic INC.

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